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College & University Market

Diversified Business Machines (DBM) serve colleges and universities across central Florida, with local support and affordable, high quality photo ID solutions that integrate with other campus systems. This allows for students, faculty and staff to access everything then need on campus with just one card they can use daily for identification, access control, library services, bookstore purchases, vending machines, laundry machines, parking garages, cafeteria purchases, athletic facilities, and other school functions.

The college and university campus card market is constantly expanding in the number of services offered and types of needs required, and a multi-function approach for card systems is needed to keep costs down and mobility up. DBM follows new trends and provides advanced technologies that improve student and staff safety, lower overall expenses, generate more revenue, and increase campus efficiency.

Photo ID Systems​

Most colleges and universities today issue photo ID cards to students, faculty and staff, that work as visual identification while also providing access to features of other campus systems as well at off-campus merchants. Schools need the ability to quickly issue durable cards that are secure and tamper-resistant, and DBM offers complete photo ID card solutions that can meet any level of need or budget. We also offer integration between systems so your one card can provide you with all of the access and services your students and staff need to make each day successful.

Campus One Card

DBM offers a wide selection of independent applications that can be integrated with each other through our TotalCard™ solution. From student attendance, employee time and attendance, badge or asset tracking and more, we offer a variety of answers to many college and university needs.


You can increase the speed of your student registration and ID card issuance by using BadgePass™ SmartReg from DBM, which allows you to automatically capture enrollment information or recall an existing record within seconds after a simple scan of a state issued driver license/ID.

Access Control & Two-Factor Authentication

Sophisticated access control systems are being installed at a rapid rate in higher education because campus buildings, laboratories, libraries, athletic facilities, and even dormitories must be safe and secure at all times. With an increase in violence, theft, vandalism and other crimes committed by outsiders coming on to campus, you need to keep out everyone that doesn’t belong there. Wireless access control is growing quickly, especially for dorm rooms, and other areas, such as research labs or computer departments, need security solutions that can constantly improve to meet advanced threats. Sometimes the answer is as easy as including a second or third factor, such as biometrics and PINs, in addition to a physical access card, making it more difficult for the wrong person to enter restricted areas.

Contactless & Proximity Cards​

Contactless smart cards are becoming the secure technology of choice for many colleges and universities across the US. The advantages include greater security, more convenience, and the ability to handle multiple card applications within the same chip. Standard proximity cards are still in high usage though because of their lower cost and more specific functionality.

Personnel & Asset Tracking

Colleges and universities have many viable reasons to track people, equipment and other resources, and DBM offers EPIC Track™ as a flexible solution for managing the location and usage of a variety of personnel and objects. Tracking applications can include class or lab attendance, activities tied to payments, student and staff trips, campus assets, AV equipment, textbooks, computers, recreational gear, freshman programs, and much more. You can also track visitors, vendors, and volunteers for campus events and offsite activities.
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