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Access Control

Physical & Logical Access Control

Access Control Solutions

Diversified Business Machines (DBM) offers a wide variety of solutions for door access control, physical and logical access control, and proximity or smart cards. Our integrated identity management and access control systems provide powerful solutions-from enrollment to card issuance, access management to reporting-using the latest technologies for efficiency and control.


BadgePass™ is an integrated security suite that provides a single point of enrollment, badge issuance, and identity management and access control across multiple applications, simplifying the process of managing access by creating a secure workflow. The powerful synchronization tools and event notification services allow for real-time or scheduled messaging and cross-platform communications. BadgePass™ systems are fully modular and allow one secure identity to work with many applications.

Physical Access Control

DBM provides an entire suite of solutions for managing your physical security access control needs, including employee identification, visitor registration, issuing door access cards, tracking time cards, and recording security video.

Our BadgePass™ solutions provide the greatest flexibility and accountability of any physical access control system (PACS) products on the market, with easy integration between modules to meet your organization’s exact security management needs.

Some of our physical access solutions include:

  • BadgePass™ Access Manager
  • BadgePass™ Identity Manager
  • Proxess Wireless Locksets
  • Multi-Technology Card Readers
  • Contactless Credentials
  • Access Wristbands

Logical Access Control

With the advent of physical access control systems, many companies found themselves in need of ways to secure more than just doors and gateways. This gave rise to integrated solutions that also include various forms of logical security. DBM offers logical access control system (LACS) solutions that are fully compatible with their physical counterparts. Our multi-factor, logical access solutions help enterprises of all types repel attacks on their networks and infrastructure systems to keep company information, plus customer and employee data, safe.

Some of our logical security solutions include:

  • Sphinx Logon Manager
  • IntelliTrust™ Authentication Service
  • IdentityGuard™ Enterprise Authentication

Mobile Credentials

Rarely misplaced and consistently in hand, the mobile phone has become the most valued technology we own. DBM mobile credential and access solutions merge security with convenience by storing secure identities on smartphones for opening doors and gates. These powerful solutions enable Android or iOS phones to communicate with readers using a close-range “tapping” or simply by slowly “waving” the device in front of the reader. ISG mobile access and credential solutions leverage standard device technologies, are universally accessible, easy to deploy, and simple to manage.

Solutions for mobile access from DBM include:

  • BadgePass™ Mobile Credentials
  • Safetrust Mobile ID Wallets
  • Safetrust SABRE Covers & Decals

Video Surveillance

DBM offers state-of-the-art video surveillance systems for organizations seeking efficient and effective solutions for capturing and recording security video of their property and/or facilities. We can provide standalone wired or wireless video surveillance solutions, or create fully integrated access control systems that include CCTV camera systems with DVR and network storage as part of a total video security package.

DBM also offers powerful, easy-to-use video management software solutions that enables organizations in education, law enforcement, healthcare, commercial, and other markets to deploy a customized and robust video surveillance system. With support for over 2,500 security camera models and related encoders-plus virtualization, centralization, and integration with the most popular access control systems-our video surveillance solutions provide a wide range of benefits to meet your organization’s video security demands.

Video surveillance solutions from DBM include:

  • LENSEC Perspective VMS™
  • Video Insight Integrated Identity Platform

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