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Financial Card Solutions

Financial Market

Diversified Business Machines (DBM) has served banks and credit unions for many years and works hard to provide advanced solutions for the many increasing requirements and regulations that the financial industry must meet.

Instant Issuance

The instant issuance of new or replacement financial cards for customers onsite at branch locations is a growing trend, and the return on investment has been huge! Your bank saves the cost of issuing an emergency card from headquarters or your issuing agency, and gains additional customer interaction and loyalty because they do not have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail. You become their hero for the rapid replacement of their lost, stolen or damaged card!

Central Issuance

In addition to offering solutions for financial institutions to issue cards instantly onsite, DBM also offers solutions for financial firms to personalize and package cards from centralized locations without having to outsource the production. We offer premium central issuance solutions for credit and debit cards with advanced encoding, enhanced security features, and efficient mailing modules. Whether issuing cards onsite or in the mail, DBM can help your bank, credit union or insurance agency deliver the customer cards solutions you need.

EMV Financial Cards

Banks and credit unions in the USA financial card market are quickly moving to the issuance of EMV-compliant cards. This change can be a complex process for financial institutions, because you need to order new cards and your card design likely has to change due to introduction of the EMV chip. DBM can provide consultation on the decisions you need to consider as you migrate to EMV, and can offer a competitive price on the card, printers, readers/encoders and other peripheral solutions.

Member ID Cards

Many institutions, especially credit unions, issue prestigious member identification cards. These cards serve as identification at the teller window and can also include the member’s photo and/or a personalized background. The member ID cards can be swiped by the teller for fast and automated recall of the member’s account details or transaction records. DBM offers a variety of solutions for the creation and production of member cards.

Rapid Enrollment

By reading government issued ID cards, like state driver’s licenses, our BadgePass™ SmartReg reader solution instantly fills in the various lines of information your new clients might need provide to open an account. This data can then be automatically included on screens showing New Account Information, OFAC Checking, and much more.

Identification & Access Control

Financial institutions are one type of organization that needs visual security, physical security, and logical security to keep its clients, employees and assets safe. From properly identifying personnel to granting appropriate security access levels, DBM offers integrated solutions that can help banks and credit unions operate safely and securely. DBM offers a variety of feature-rich security solutions:

  • Employee ID Card Issuance Systems
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Door Access Control Systems
  • Logical Access Control Systems
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