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Patient Identification

Positive Patient ID Solutions

Patient Identification

For healthcare providers, positive patient identification is of vital importance to secure patient information and satisfy federal regulations. Diversified Business Machines (DBM) is an expert at implementing the right patient ID solutions for your organization’s specific needs. We can work with most hospital information systems to provide fast, on-site installation and training.

We offer complete patient ID solutions, including both employee and patient ID card issuance systems, biometric patient ID systems, patient wristband IDs, colored patient condition bands, adhesive labels, thermal printers, and more. From software to hardware, from training to support, our healthcare identification experts can provide you with premium solutions and local service.

RightPatient® Biometric Patient Identification

Due to the fact that healthcare biometric templates are unique to an individual, they prevent duplicate medical records by alerting healthcare officials when a person is already enrolled in the system which can substantially lower liability risk. In addition, healthcare biometrics seamlessly interfaces with existing EHR/EMR software providing fast integration so a healthcare facility can be up and running quickly. Healthcare biometrics also accelerate the check-in and registration processes while completely eliminating language barriers. Furthermore, unconscious patients can be easily identified and doctors are ensured that the right medication is delivered to the right patient.

Patient ID Systems

DBM offers cost-effective patient ID systems, designed to identify patients while building your healthcare organization’s image and brand. With compliance to today’s healthcare industry standards for a safer, more efficient registration process, you can improve patient loyalty and retention by capturing patients’ biometrics and creating ID cards to reduce duplicate medical records, increase patient satisfaction, drive marketing power, and reduce potential losses associated with fraud or medical errors.

Patient Wristband & Label Systems

Many automated hospital systems today, such as those used for medication, lab, and pharmacy, use patient wristband IDs. These wristbands must be comfortable, durable, and readable, while still being affordable. Because of patient condition alerts, state recommended standards have emerged that require some form of patient wristband IDs for babies, outpatients, and non-ambulatory patients.

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