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ID Card Systems

Employee Cards, Student IDs, Visitor Badges & More

Photo ID Card Systems

Photo ID cards are an essential part of any sound identification security plan. There are many variables and options in choosing the right solution for your needs, and we can help you with this important decision. In addition to high-end integrated ID card systems, we also offer very low cost system solutions for budget conscious customers.

Diversified Business Machines (DBM) offers photo ID card system solutions can be integrated with a variety of other systems used to open doors, login to computer networks, track attendance, and make internal purchases. As your organization’s security needs and access policies grow and evolve, you need an ID system that can expand with you, and allows for integration with other internal and external applications.

DBM provides complete, turnkey photo ID card system solutions. Implementing one of our streamlined, fully integrated systems will combat threats to your organization and guard your most sensitive data and property, ultimately boosting productivity and profits. From basic to highly sophisticated applications, we can accommodate your needs for employee ID systems, student ID systems, patient ID systems, visitor ID systems, and more.

Low to High-End ID Card Systems

Remove the hassle from your issuance programs with a reliable ID card system from the ISG. Our versatile, cost-effective, and secure identity solutions cover a broad spectrum of industries and applications including: corporate, government, healthcare, university, K-12 education, and more.

DBM’s fully integrated and supported ID card systems include everything you need for a complete solution. You can start with a typical photo ID system that includes:

  • ID Software (workstation or web-based)
  • ID Camera
  • ID Card Printer
  • Cards
  • Printer Supplies
  • Onsite Installation, Training & Maintenance

Our identification card systems are customizable to your unique requirements, and can be expanded out to include a variety of physical and logical access control solutions, video surveillance, attendance tracking, auxiliary services, and more. Numerous options and additional features are available to provide the integrated identity performance and security your organization needs.

Options can include:

  • Biometric (fingerprint, etc.) Readers
  • Card Scanners
  • Integration with Other Systems & Databases
  • Mobile Card Printing Apps
  • Signature Capture Devices
  • Smart Card Readers & Writers
  • Specialized Input/Output Devices

Integrated Card Technologies

DBM photo ID card systems include the ability to issue multifunction smart cards in addition to standard plain identification cards. Using retransfer or direct-to-card printers with contactless and contact chip encoders, as well as older magnetic stripe technologies, our ID badging systems can issue cards that can be used not only for visual identification, but also door access control, network login, parking control, time and attendance, internal payments, facility services, and more.

DBM also offers cards combined with multiple technologies including but not limited to magnetic stripes, debit stripes, contactless MIFARE, contactless proximity, RFID, smart chips and printed barcodes. This allows you to combine security and identity applications, including biometrics or PINs, for two factor authentication and more, on a single issued ID card.

ID Card Printers & Security Features

With ISG Peak retransfer printers, Datacard retransfer or direct-to-card printers and more, adding one of our ID card printers to your photo ID system allows you to add a wide range of embedded and/or onsite issued security features. Depending on the software and printer solution you choose, you can include personalized data variable UV ink, micro text, and custom hologram laminate during the printing process. You can also have fluorescent inks, micro text, and embedded holograms or watermarks added to your ID cards during manufacturing, to make a card virtually impossible to alter or counterfeit.

All-In-One Mobile Photo ID Solutions

DBM also offers an all-in-one mobile badging solution that is an ideal way to transport ID card systems to remote locations, or during crisis situations when a mobile ID system is the only option. Our mobile photo ID badging systems are ideal because they operate with little to no preparation. Each of our mobile badging units is a fully integrated, turnkey solution in a compact, self-contained workstation. These portable ID card systems include everything you need to photograph, identify, and issue IDs onsite instantly. Mobile badging is designed for quick and easy transportation – just lift the lid, power up, and start printing!

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